We design Zaan System to cover all your salon needs, to help you work beautifully

Always focus on your growth, and let the innovation for us.

Branches Management

Open an unlimited number of branches for your business and follow them all from one place

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Service Management

Flexible system to list all services and any services provided by your salon. You can manage them by assigning them to employees, setting their prices and duration, as well as set them as packages and much more.

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Staff Management

Manage employee roll, performance, leave and attendance with our all-in-one spa and salon staff management software.

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Customer Management

With Zaan you can manage your customers' records in a wonderful way, as you can track their last visit and know some of the details that interest you about them with simple tools.

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Zaan's marketing automation software is tailor-made for the salon and spa business. Our solution reduces the time and expense to plan and execute marketing programs. Most importantly, we help you grow revenue with lasting results.
We provide your salon with multiple options to do marketing and carefully select customers to target. From emails, text messages, offers and daily deals. Always be prepared to jump your salon sales!

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A fast and easy-to-use appointment book for front desk staff is just the start of our omnichannel booking experiences. Provide your guests (and staff) with the ease and convenience they expect.

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A program that helps you control your inventory.
Streamline processes to manage inventory more efficiently. It's easy to withdraw and add to your products.
Know when to reorder
alerts warn you when stock is running low.
Find product suppliers that are intelligently integrated within the inventory, Keep track of your inventory products and lists of suppliers.

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Pull data from every aspect of your business, including sales, operations, marketing, staff performance and customer behavior.
You'll always have access to dashboard that are up-to-date and accurate, without the manual effort to collate your data outside of the system.

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Shop your salon and spa products from different suppliers from one place, compare prices, see reviews, leave your comments, Track your purchases, various payment options and more from inside Zaan's store.

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Zaan allows you to issue E- invoices in accordance with the requirements of the General Authority of Zakat and Income for the electronic invoice system, where you can issue your invoices with approved forms of tax invoice or simplified invoice, in addition to the program support for applicable taxes such as value-added tax and automatically included in the issued invoices, to Along with the required basic information such as the tax number of the customer, and the tax information of the institution.

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